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Pianos in the Collection

Exhibited pianos are noted for location (Redlands, CA or Lowell, MA)

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6 octave Broadwood Grand built in 1811, Donated by Stanford University February 2017.  Exhibited in Redlands, CA 

Broadwood Square Donated by Stanford University February 2017.  Exhibited in Redlands, CA

Chickering 8’4” Scale 33B Concert Grand, built in 1875, flatstrung, Donated by the Jennings of Stockton, CA September 2016  This piano was used in the November 13, 2016 Gottschalk concert with Frank Franch

Chickering 33B 5b 

Giovanni Schmid Grand #404,  French-influenced Italian flat-strung grand ca. 1850  Exhibited in Redlands, CA


Mason and Hamlin 7’5”  “Style “B” “screw stringer” Grand #8940 - 1895.  Donated by Sylvia Fogelman June 2016

Mason and Hamlin Style B 7'4

1858 Steinway 8’ Concert Grand #1396, flat-strung, one of the earliest “fancy” grands.  Original cabinet similar to photo at right.  Donated by Linda Scherer December 2015.

Steinway 1396Weber 17793 cropped compressed2

 1858 Hallet and Cumston Cocked Hat Grand #6742, donated by Jill Prendergast of Redlands, CA

Hallet and Cumstom 6742 compr web

1871 Bosendorfer Concert Grand #6908 flatstrung, donated by Sacramento State University 2014

Bosendorfer 12228Bosendorfer 609 web

1881 Bosendorfer Concert Grand #9777 overstrung, donated by Sacramento State University 2014

Bosendorfer Sac State

1859 8’2” Chickering Concert Grand #22163, flatstrung, donated by Spring Lake Village 2013

 Chickering Spring Lake Village 1 cn 1684 (2)

1867 Chickering 8’4” Concert Grand #30036, flat-strung, scale 33, loaned by Bill Shull

 Chickering 8'4 30036 plan view 2 opt

1847 Chickering Square Grand case #8141, loaned by Michael Reiter

Chickering square 8141 pan view

1880s (undated) Chickering 110B 7’6” Grand case number #1782 loaned by Bill Shull

Chickering 110B #1872 Plan View Top cropped brighter web

1887 Chickering 106 6’4” #73240 From William Nassar of Redlands, CA

Chickering 106 3 compr

Chickering 109C 6’4” #78875 donated by the Moersch’s


1868 Steinway 8’6” Rosewood Concert Grand #16681 donated by Rex Baker  (At EJ Buck Piano, 171 Lincoln St., Lowell, MA)

Steinway 16681 front Hollywood 

1871 Steinway 7’2” “Style 2” Rosewood Grand #24681 loaned by Bill Shull (At Period Piano Center)

Steinway 24681 compr

1870 Steinway 7’2” Rosewood Grand #20500 donated by Marcia Jensen of North Bend, OR

Hollywood compr Sty 20500

1867 Steinway 48” Style 1 Double-Iron Upright #15225 loaned by Bill Shull  (At Period Piano Center)


1871 Steinway 52” “Style 3 2” Double Iron Upright #20905 donated by Del Fandrich of Olympia, WA

Steinway 20905 plan view back

 1879 Steinway “E” 48” Rosewood Upright #40731 donated by Randi Chastain of San Leandro, CA (At Period Piano Center)


 1881 Steinway “F” Ebonized #47263  Early Full Plate Vertical donated by Roger Chaussee of Riverside, CA

Steinway 47263 Chaussee Hollywood5 compr

1865 Th. Steinweg Braunschweig Vertical #645 donated by Beth Isabel of Castro Valley, CA

Steinweg vertical 645 front plan view compr 1

ca. 1857 Steinway Square #1301, 6 3/4 oct., second-smallest Steinway square, donated by Lorenzo Lacovera of Edgewood, NM

Steinway 1301 Lorenzo Lacovera compr

1858 Steinway Square Square #1868, 6 1/2 oct., smallest Steinway square.  Loaned by Doris Awabdy of San Dimas, CA (At Period Piano Center)

Steinway Square #1868

1875 Steinway Square #30846, 7 oct., loaned by Bill Shull

Steinway square 30648 plan view

1878 Steinway Square #38043, 7 1/3 oct. with duplex and sostenuto donated by Ann Beal of Tustin, CA


1880 Steinway Square 42972 similar to 38043 above donated by Dr. Roy Jutzy of Loma Linda, CA

1856 48.5” Erard Paris vertical  #4687 donated by Joe Wilkinson of Yucaipa, CA (At Period Piano Center)

Erard 4687 opt

1866 46” Erard Vertical #37885 loaned by Bill Shull (At Period Piano Center)

Erard Vert 37885 opt

 1879 7’1” Erard London grand #16515 donated by Stephen Banks

Erard Grand 16515 7' opt

1844 8’ Erard Paris grand #16234 donated by Sally Rehfeldt of Redlands, CA

Erard 1844 touched up

1843 8’ Erard Paris Grand #15908 donated by Bernadette McMorrow of San Francisco, CA

Nameboard Erard 8' 15908

 1869 8’ Erard London grand #11541 donated by Val Gonzalez of Bensalem, PA

Erard Gonzalez 3Erard Gonzalez Leg best

1911 Erard 7’ Paris Grand #100377 donated by the Luz Family of Chino Hills, CA  (At Period Piano Center)


ca. 1870 Promberger 6’6” Viennese grand #1103 donated by Amanda Lemco of Richmond, VA

Promberger 1103 compr

ca. 1880 Roenisch Vertical #9722 loaned by Bill Shull

Ronisch Vertical 9722

ca. 1875 Bluthner flatstrung Vertical #9291 with shifting una corda, purchased with funds donated by William Nassar of Redlands, CA (At Period Piano Center)


ca. 1875 Collard and Collard flatstrung Vertical with shifting una corda (At Period Piano Center)

Collard and Collard Vertical Trichord compr

Collard and Collard 7’ Grand case 5240 Donated by Frank Toms of Scotts Valley CA and Elisabeth McCroskery of Desert Hot Springs, CA

Collard and Collard Toms Hollywood compr thumb

ca. 1850 Wilkins and Newhall Square Grand #1210 donated by Susan Schroeder of Oakland, CA

Wilkins and Newhall opt

Hallet Davis and Co. 7’4” Grand #38241 donated by Felice Bezri of Boston, MA (At EJ Buck Piano, 171 Lincoln St., Lowell, MA)


ca. 1825 Dubois and Stodart Square Grand #218 donated by Richard Blais and Craig Hair of  Holyoke, MA  (At EJ Buck Piano, 171 Lincoln St., Lowell, MA)

Dubois and Stodart 218 opt thumb

1890 Mason and Hamlin Screwstringer Vertical Style 5 #2196 secured by Roger Chaussee of Riverside, CA


1890 D.H. Baldwin Vertical #76

DH Baldwin #76 side compr 2

1892 Valley Gem #2920 Vertical loaned by Bill Shull

Valley Gem Vertical 2920 compr

Heintzmann #27374 Transposing Vertical

Heintzmann Vertical 27374 Transposing Index

Sprecher and Butte Vertical, donated by Berit Frivold of Loma Linda, CA

Sprecher and Butte Vertical web

Foster and Co. Vertical #30350 donated by Richard Verdon of Redlands, CA

Foster vertical 30350 compr

J&C Fischer bichord Vertical donated by Jim Boydston of San Diego, CA 

JC Fischer Vertical 1 compr

Steinway Square #29672 Donated by The Haydens of Los Alamitos, CA

(No Picture)

J&J Hopkinson Vertical, loaned by Bill Shull

Hopkinson 2

T. Gilbert Square #1591 donated by Lynn and David Paulson of Upland, CA



1875 8’9” Steinway Centennial #35349 back action (first generation sostenuto mounted on belly), other action sample parts, donated by Jude Reveley of Billerica, MA

1862 early scale Steinway grand soundboard, donated by rebuilder Mark Phillips of Pennsylvania

1887 8’10” Steinway “D” # soundboard, bridge caps and pinblock only.  Seen are elements of the original 1884 Theodore Steinway “D” design prior to the 1892 re-design by Henry Ziegler, including angled unison terminations in the mid-treble, and a larger bass cut-off bar than that of later “Ds”, donated by Dale Fox of North Highlands, CA

1878 7’2” Steinway Style 2 #38497 pinblock only, traditional stretcher type, donated by Bill Shull

1884 Steinway “D” #52473 original front duplex coverings (buckskin) and other artifacts from this very early first generation Steinway “D”.  Donated by Richard Blais and Craig Hair of Hampshire Piano, Holyoke, MA

Hard Cover Piano Catalog and Piano Construction Catalog with color lithographs by Crown Piano

Chickering 1880s Vertical Piano Iron Action Artifacts, donated by Richard Blais and Craig Hair of Hampshire Piano, Holyoke, MA

The Erard Project - with VP David Rubenstein