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Th Steinweg “Steinway and Sons” Vertical #645

Built within two years of the first New York Steinway and Sons vertical piano by Theodore Steinweg in Braunschweig, Germany, while in partnership with the Grotrians, or just after Theodore’s departure for New York in 1865.  Sometimes called “Braunschweig Vertical”

Steinweg vertical 645 front plan view compr 3

Above:  Plan Vew Front:   Th. Steinweg 645

Steinway Vertical 645 back plan view

Above: Rear Plan View, Th. Steinweg 645


Th. Steinweg 645 bass bridge (left), action and agraffes (below)

Steinway Vertical 645 action
Th Steinweg 645 cabinet

Above:  The cabinet was modified like many older verticals, the toes were cut off, the legs replaced with spindly independent ones;  the ornamentation removed. 

Below:  Similar Th. Steinweg Vertical #568 in Spain without cabinet modification;  #645 cabinet was “streamlined”, originally it probably looked more like #568.  Internal design is identical.

CF Th Steinweg 568 side
CF Th Steinweg vertical Moray Robertson
Th Steinweg 568 leg