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Chickering 7’6” Grand Scale 110B ca. 1890

Chickering 110B #1872 Plan View Top corrected
Chickering 110B #1872 Plan View Bottom Cropped
Chickering 110B #1872 Nameplate
Chickering 110B leg drawing
Chickering 110B #1872 Plan View Action stack only
chickering 110B #1872 hollywood1 opt

The Chickering 110B is prime example of the company’s best grand design ideas.  The wide tail, the  “Swiss Action” - the company’s Erard-Herz action - and its use of a high treble “Harmonic Bar” in place of the use of agraffes in the high treble;  the flexible soundboard perimeter - these combined for an extraordinary design.

The photo above uses borrowed legs from a contemporary Steck, as the original legs were modified.  Fortunately Clark Panaccione of Fitchburg, MA has provided the public with a drawing of the legs (see above), which we hope to replicate.