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Steinway 7’2” Style 1 #20500 Rosewood

Steinway 7'2 20500 1
Steinway 7'2 20500 action  plan view

New tubular action rail (begun only one year earlier), with whip stickers in a rocker “capstan”.

Steinway 7'2 20500 treble leg, arm

Agraffe termination in treble, without duplex scale

Steinway 20500 Plan View bottom

First Sold in December 1870 in New York City, this Style 1 Steinway is similar to the 1870 Style 2 #24681 loaned to Period Piano Center.  They share the string scale, length, action, Patent Resonator, and  basic cabinet style.   However, the Style 2 has front duplex scaling, while this Style 1 does not.  And the legs, while similar, are slightly different.  Still, these pianos are mostly the same in design.