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Steinway 8’5” Grand #16681  1868

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Steinway 16681 is a representative concert grand of the late 1860s.  Described in the factory “number book” as “plain grand” and “style 2,”  and “large grand” and 8’5” in the catalog of 1869 (the style 3 was an “extra wide concert grand”).  The different log books cite differing sales;  they agree on a first sale to Providence R.I., and the inhouse book has a sale shortly after (1872) to the YMCA in Poughkeepsie, NY, though the archive book places the second sale in 1906 after repairs at the factory..  The donor lived in New Hampshire

This is an 88 note overstrung grand.  The action has a wood frame and rocker “capstans.”.

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