Shull Piano Inc

610 Amigos Dr., Redlands, CA  92373

Office hours  909 798-5151 Cell 909 796-4226

(located 400’ south of Redlands Auto Spa)



Bill Shull, RPT

Shull Piano Inc


The foundation of my work is a solid, custom tuning.  

I maintain a schedule of regular tuning appointments

 perform major field service appointments,

perform concert and performance service,

 action service (including Stanwood Precision TouchDesign), 

rebuilding, remanufacturing, and restorative conservation service. 

As an expert on vintage pianos I can be relied on for the best advice in a consultation. 

Cabinet restoration and refinishing resources are also provided. 

Read testimonials about my work.

P1020891 Weber 17793 plate angle

This 1880 Weber grand received complete restoration respectful of the original design.  The original soundboard was duplicated for an authentic original sound and restoration.  The action received t careful balancing of Stanwood PTD, to achieve the ultimate performance of touch and tone, while retaining the distinctive period color and character.

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