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HUMIDITY CONTROL is necessary for regular maintenance and should be considered by all piano owners.  While the initial cost is not low, the long-term benefits far outweigh the cost.   Pianos in all climates benefit substantially from humidity control. 

 In most north American climates wide swings of humidity take place.  Even in temperate areas such as the San Francisco Bay or Seattle, cold winters necessitate dry heating which drives moisture out of the piano.

The benefits include:

 - A dramatic increase in tuning stability for most pianos.

 - A near elimination of the inevitable structural deterioration of the soundboard (cracks, loss of crown). 

We recommend DamppChaser Climate Control Systems.  Our page for this product discusses a number of options.

Where it is prohibitive to install a DamppChaser system we recommend the use of MusicSorb, a dessicant-based humidity control package. 

These all the above products may be purchased from this site, but must be installed during a service call.  The fees paid include installation (except for mileage beyond 20 miles from Loma Linda, CA.

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