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Pianos Rebuilt or Remanufactured by Shull Piano

              This page includes  photos of many of the interesting pianos we have restored. 

    We have rebuilt many instruments, including the Steinway “D” at the Redlands Bowl in 2004, and a Steinway “0” in 1989 for the piano teaching studio at La Sierra University.  The Weber recently completed was given a new soundboard which copied the vintage design of the old board, unlike most re-manufacturing practice.  This resulted in a more faithful reproduction of the sound of this piano.  A recording will be made available.   See also under Retail Pianos - Restored Pianos for additional pianos we’ve rebuilt.  Separate pages for each piano are being built, click on links to learn more about each piano.

Weber 17793 cropped compressed1

1880 Weber 6’4” completed in 2010 New original-style soundboard (copying antique design), Stanwood PTD action

Steinway XR Davidian new SB compr

1930 Steinway M (XR) completed 2009, new soundboard (shown), Stanwood PTD action

Cable Nelson Grand compr

Cable Nelson 5’6”  completed 2008, new soundboard, Stanwood PTD action

Steinway B 74432

Steinway “B” completed 2007, new soundboard


Ibach 6’ 1911, completed 2005

Stieff grand fr opt

Stieff 5’4”, completed 2005

Weber from tail 6

Weber 6’4” 26650 completed 2005, available in store

Knabe 6’4” completed 2003, new bridge caps, Stanwood PTD action

1878 Steinway Style 2 7’2  new soundboard and bridge caps, new mortised pinblock.  Completed 2003

Chickering 141A

Chickering 141 Concert Grand, completed 1996

Mason and Hamlin A w desk 28982

Mason and Hamlin A, rebuilt 1993  

Julius Bauer Grand, rebuilt 1991  

Steinway B  rebuilt in 1991, basic  touchweight work 2002.

Baldwin “E” 5’8”’ 1919, completed 1989

Starr 6’3”, new pinblock, completed 1989

Chickering 121 Quartergrand oval 3

Chickering  5’6”, Quarter grand scale 121, careful partial restorative conservation, completed 2010

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