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Bill Shull, RPT

DamppChaser Climate Control Systems

We install humidity control systems which protect your soundboard from structural breakdown, and maintain the tuning very well between regular tuning appointments.  The “Smart-bar” circuit, which recognizes when the humidifier pads are dry, even permits the occasional service neglect and continues to cycle the dehumidifier.  More than 30 years of piano service has proven to me that these systems dramatically increase the useful life of a piano and substantially improve tuning stability.

Mot verticals and grands are $595 installed, if local.  Longer grands are $950.  Distance installations add for mileage cost.

Any payments for this system are non-refundable.

Price includes installation within a 20 mile radius of Loma Linda, CA;  travel costs will be billed in addition for distances beyond 20 miles. 

For the most effective control, we recommend installing a bottom (or back) cover ($225), and a string cover for grand pianos.

Any system may be removed, but because they are attached with fastenings, it is a time-consuming uninstall, and removal is billed accordingly.  Certain historical, stage or other pianos may require a separate, slide-away cart.  A Jahn single bucket cart (black finish) adds $550, and a custom-adapted double-bucket cart adds $850.  This cart holds a complete DamppChaser system which sits under the grand piano.  It has an adjustable humidistat holder which can be raised and lowered for easy removal of the system from the piano.


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