Shull Piano Inc

610 Amigos Dr., Redlands, CA  92373

Office hours  909 798-5151 Cell 909 796-4226

(located 400’ south of Redlands Auto Spa)



We can perform conservation-influenced service..  Following the values of restorative conservation, we respect the original status and of the instrument in our recommendations for service, and adhere to the principle of reversibiliity.   In our research of historical pianos, we are documenting many early Steinways, Chickerings, Knabes, Mason and Hamlins and other makes.  This has given us a perspective which has influenced our desire to respect and maintain original “documents.”  We encourage those with pianos over 100 years old, or pianos which otherwise may be of historical significance, and especially those with Steinways built between 1853 and 1892, to retain our services for an assessment and estimate for work.




Bill Shull, RPT

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