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Bill Shull, RPT     Catherine Lee, Manager

Serving the greater Inland Empire, Redlands, Loma Linda, Highland, San Bernardino, Riverside, Corona,  Norco, Eastvale, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Temecula,others

Staying at home?  No better time to buy a piano from Shull Piano and create beautiful music!

No more sluggish action, heavy touch or unresponsive performance!

Shull Piano owner and licensed Stanwood installer Bill Shull is a pianist who maintains a wide and varied piano repertoire.  He says, “Every time I play a Precision TouchDesignTM piano I am able to achieve a higher level of performance, dynamic nuance and technical articulation than on other fine pianos.”  Shull Piano is a licensed installer of the most technologically advanced action design system in the world, the Stanwood Precision TouchDesignTM System.  Learn more about how to have the ultimate playing experience at the official Stanwood website:


Go to www.shullpiano.com/testimonials to see what Dr. Larry McFatter said about the Shull Piano installation of a Precision TouchDesign action in his Mason and Hamlin “A”.  Read what pianist Nery Wainz said of his experience with our installation in a Knabe 6’4” which he played in April 2003.

Go to www.stanwoodpiano.com/letters.htm to read what pianists say about their experience with Precision TouchDesignTM actions.  Garrick Olsson, Ricardo de la Rosa, Dolores Stevens, and many others recount their experiences with Stanwood actions.

Contact us to arrange a consultation.   Problems with heavy touch, lack of power, poor responsiveness, poor repetition - these are not problems which any pianist or piano student should have to live with.   A diagnostic evaluation typically costs $200 plus mileage (over 30 miles).

For examples of real-world pianos with real-world touch weight problems, go to this portion of my page on how to buy a piano.  Examples of new pianos with touchweight problems

The Precision TouchDesignTM  action has many applications, from home to teaching studio, university and concert hall.  It is the ideal choice when the pianist is struggling with wrist or hand problems.  It is the ideal choice for the concert hall, since our actions are able to use a high strike weight - necessary for the piano’s sound to fill a hall - and still have a free and easy playing mechanism.  It is the ideal choice for any performance piano, whether the small recital hall, the practice instrument or the teaching piano.

Many pianos of high quality have been rebuilt in the last 20 years with quality parts, but are unsatisfying, often even cumbersome to play.  Even the finest new instruments are not built to the high standard of Precision TouchDesignTM;  Let us take your new, rebuilt or original condition instrument and transform it for you.  

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