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        Bill Shull, RPT, M.Mus.  Founder and President

New Location:  610 Amigos Dr B1,  Redlands, CA  92373

 New Location:  610 Amigos Dr B1, Redlands, CA 92373.

909 796-4226 (bus cell)              email

Bill 2016

Bill Shull, RPT, M.Mus.

Erard 7' Luz 1A3 web

Chickering Vertical Model 79B,

This is the finest vertical built by the Chickering company, at the company’s technological peak.  Complete with a return (third tenor) bridge, an auxiliary repetition spring, and a canted plate, this instrument is waiting to be remanufactured.  Price includes rebuilding, reworked original action parts, including annealed brass rails. 

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