Period Piano Center joins the SoCal PTG Seminar to Present David Kim  March 18, 2017

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Pianist David Hyun-Su Kim March 18, 2017

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Period Piano Center Volunteer Workday

On Thursday, December 29, 2011, the regular shop day was suspended at Shull Piano and a Period Piano Center Workday took over!  During the day Roger Domeny joined Bill Shull, and in the late afternoon Rob McCall joined Bill Shull, and at the end of the day the Steinway 7’2” 1871 grand had its old hammers (an awful set of water-damaged replacement hammers that sounded like a tin can and were far to heavy) replaced with original Steinway  hammers, shanks and flanges from an identical piano from 1878 which Bill had saved for many years for just such a piano!  The tone of the piano immediately warmed up and reminded us of the venerable Steinway sound, that combination of power and warmth which pianists cannot resist.  Further, the action is now managable. 

Other contributors included Debbie Lin Shull, who began making signs for the museum pianos


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The top hammer is an original hammer from a Style 2 1878 7’1” Steinway, now installed on Steinway 24581. 

Hammer below represents a set of badly worn hammers without resilience, now removed.


Sign for one of the pianos in the Period Piano Center Collection.

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