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Steinways in Public Places

Below are museums which include early Steinways in their collections.  Instruments may be in storage; always check availability before visiting.

Smithsonian Institution, American History Museum, Washington, D.C.: Steinway 1857 8’ concert grand #1199, flat-strung, retrofitted action from 1860s era Steinway;  Steinway 8’10” “D” concert grand, 1892.  http://www.si.edu/

National Music Museum, Vermillion, S.D.: 1867 8’5” Concert Grand #15395;  1867 Double Iron Upright #14334

Cantos Museum, Calgara, Alberta, Canada: 1876 8’6” Concert Grand (misnamed “D” by museum, but probably a Style 3) http://www.cantos.ca/

Fredericks Museum, Ashburnham, MA: 1866 Steinway 8”5” concert grand http://www.frederickcollection.org/index.html

Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments, New Haven, CT:  1867 Steinway 8’5” concert grand #13457.

Below are public places which house early Steinways:

William Seward House, Auburn NY: Steinway Monitor Style 1 Grand, #26608 www.sewardhouse.org

Sprague Mansion, Cranston, Rhode Island: 1880 Steinway Centennial “D” Concert Grand   www.cranstonhistoricalsociety.org