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NOTICE:  Steinway #2162 is no longer being offered for sale through Shull Piano, the sale has ended;  information below is provided for historical interest. 

STEINWAY AND SONS 8’3” GRAND PIANO #2162 BUILT IN 1859 - price slashed 30% off of $299,000 til 5/26/18


William Shull is the exclusive agent for the sale of this important early flat-strung Steinway grand piano.  His expertise in the study of early Steinway pianos provides a unique and reliable basis to represent this rare piano.

Steinway 2162 hwd 2
Elena Portnaya with Steinway 8' #2162

Elena Portnaya performs on Steinway 8’ 3”  #2162, playing a sampling of repertoire.   Recording made in February 2018

This is the most original condition of any known extant early Steinway grand.

Most early Steinway grands have had their action mechanisms replaced with modern Erard/Herz designs, most have been restrung and repinned;  this piano appears original in all these respects.  Note the oblong tuning pins (right).


Note the original hammers on the original Heinrich Steinway Jr. action. 

Steinway 2162 full action plan view thumb
Steinway 2162 bottom plan view compr

Steinway’s first pair of grand pianos were begun April 19, 1856.  For three years Steinway grand pianos were only flat-strung (“straight-strung”).  Some were assembled plates, others single piece cast iron.  On December 24, 1858, Steinway began construction of flat-strung Steinway #2162, and at the end of the year it began its first and revolutionary overstrung grand, #2207.*

You may request a brochure with more information,  a special presentation by early Steinway piano historian William Shull, a contextual study of early Steinway grands,  an examination of extant early Steinway pianos, and a study of the log or production books (number books), and a PDF of the Piano Technicians Guild article on #2162 by Mary Cooley Smith, “The Oldest Steinway”.  

You may arrange to visit the piano in San Antonio, Texas.

   Make all purchase inquiries to Mr. Shull at 909 796-4226.

Email to bdshull@aol.com


Buyer will also receive  the original letter from Steinway and Sons which gave the owner of this piano the “Oldest Steinway Grand Piano” Award. 

Letter Steinway 2162 Winner of Oldest Steinway Grand Prize

Sales outside of the U.S. are subject to the obtaining of a CITES certificate, which may result in a processing time for approval of paperwork verifying that the ivory keyboard is original.

Buyer assumes the responsibility for cartage.  Piano is in an accessible ground floor living room in San Antonio, Texas

Fallboard Name

Fallboard decal was made to represent the most likely original design and appearance based on our study of contemporary Steinway grands

*Sources for production information include the La Guardia and Wagner Steinway Archives, La Guardia Community College/City University of New York;  The Library of the National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C., and the unpublished research of William Shull, Loma Linda, CA. 

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